Nuhiti Q is a Māori land block between Tokomaru Bay and Anaura Bay. Nikki Serancke is the chairperson who convinced her board to plant trees on significant parts of the station for environmental and financial benefits from carbon credits in deals she negotiated with Gull New Zealand based on advice from a forestry consultant.

The four videos below share different perspectives on that process. We are grateful to all four interviewees for sharing their experience and views – and especially thankful that the board of Nuhiti Q are willing to share their story for others to learn from.

Check out what the landowner (Nikki Searancke, Chairperson of NuhutiQ) has to say.

Find out how the emitter (David Bodger, GM of Gull NZ) works with local landowners.

Discover how the consultant (Bryan McKinlay of Eastern NZ Forestry Ltd) can help.

Learn about how local government grants (Kerry Hudson from Gisborne District Council) can support entry to the emissions trading scheme.

We have also created some tools to create a helpful, transparent and accessible pathway for Māori landowners to follow.

If you would like a detailed report on Nuhuti Q and how it farms carbon, check out this case study from Leo Mercer.