One Billion Trees Fund

The Government has a goal to plant one billion trees across Aotearoa by 2028. This is led by Te Uru Rākau and funded by the Provincial Growth Fund. You may be able to source money to plant either native or commercial forest through this fund. The fund will also fund retiring pastoral land for native regeneration.

One Billion Trees funding for regeneration, mānuka/kānuka and exotics is available for landowners with 5–300 hectares. More information is here.

Type of
SizeBase RateErosion
land or
land in
areas that
Fencing*Ecological restoration partnership
Indigenous mix
(for example, a mix of native trees and shrubs)
1ha to 300ha$4,000$500Up to $500Up to $2,000
(particularly for erosion control or as a nurse crop for an indigenous forest)
5ha to 300ha$1,800$500N/AN/A
Indigenous natural regeneration 
(for example, retiring land and managing it to naturally return back to trees)
5ha to 300ha$1,000$500Up to $500N/A
(for example, planting eucalypts, redwoods, or Pinus radiata)
5ha to 300ha$1,500$500N/AN/A

*Top-ups available
N/A = Not applicable

Your project may be eligible for top-up rates if you are:

  • assisting regeneration or planting mixed indigenous species and fencing is needed to protect your planting – up to 50{3f408ec12a95fa612c4be62bb27758ebfed202d1fe7f35e3bddf0ebc1f242392} of actual and reasonable costs of fencing (capped at $500/ha)
  • planting on land with a high or very high erosion risk or land in areas that support regional development goals that faces very high establishment costs – up to $500/ha
  • a partnership planting project with ecological restoration objectives – up to $2,000/ha and help with other project costs.