Payment from fossil fuel emitters

Big companies who emit a lot of climate-change causing carbon dioxide have to pay to keep emitting. One of the ways they do this is to pay for land to be planted with forest or to be regenerated with native bush. Regeneration is a good option because it shouldn’t cost too much for the land to revert, but this does mean that it could take about a decade before there is enough forest for your land to qualify as carbon farming. Companies like Z Energy and Gull may also work with landowners who already have forest on their whenua to pay them to keep their trees.

Motu Research has interviewed companies who have to pay for their emissions and you can read about the results here.

Check out what Nikki Searancke has to say about how her land at Nuhiti Q contracted with Gull Oil to help fund the whenua.

Motu Research has also conducted face-to-face, semi-structured interviews with a small group of Māori landowners who have been involved in the decision-making process on their land in Tairāwhiti. This research is here.